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Solutions for small and medium enterprises, 
corporation and chain businesses

We know how important it is for a business to implement flexible IT solutions customized to individual needs and current market conditions.  

Therefore, ACCM offers its own IT systems that allow for parametrization.


Definitely, our competitive edge on the market lies in the fact that our solutions are created within the ACCM Group. This is a result of the work of our IT specialists and individuals with long expertise in accounting, management and controlling.


Nowadays it is of key importance to implement IT solutions which allow for electronic data exchange not only as part of the software offered by a single supplier, but most of all, between different IT systems from various suppliers.  Our software contains innovative solutions, offers customized parametrization and makes the electronic data exchange possible.


ACCM Accounting




Our software provides the possibility to handle the books of accounts as well as the revenue and expense ledgers.  The IT system is useful both for accounting firms and standard enterprises.  ACCM Accounting Program:



The books of accounts module allows for multidimensional accounting of tasks, projects and processes. On the other hand, the revenue and expense ledger module allows not only for defining any revenue and expense items, but – in cooperation with the ACCM Office application - provides financial data similar to the data contained in the books of accounts.  



ACCM Office






The IT system for Clients of accounting firms which, among others, provides the possibility to record own financial documents, both external and internal.  The ACCM Office  Program offers the possibility to:



ACCM Personnel





The IT system for Clients of accounting firms assists them in managing the personnel issues and offers  electronic payroll  calculation data transmission.


ACCM Controlling





The IT system integrated with the Accounting System allows for generating extensive economic analyses.


ACCM Communication





The IT system for communicating with the Client.  Its purpose is to secure safe data exchange between the systems installed at the Client's premises and in the accounting firm.  This solution is also adjusted to service  chain business.


ACCM Assets






The IT system for fixed assets recording and managing.

Dedicated Software